Wednesday, 6 October 2010


I am trying to reorganize my crafty stash to make it more easily accessible for me as I previously had everything shoved into a couple of drawers in no particular order and it would take me forever to find anything!

As you can see its a work in progress lol. I bought some storage boxes in Asda on Saturday- one set of clear tupperware ones and one set of spotty tins (cos I thought they were cute!) and am slowly allocating things to new homes....I have to keep going away and coming back to it cos its giving me brain ache!

Ok, on with the pictures:

Ok, so what have we got here. Lots of papers for a start! My file of magazines, one of the new Craftwork Cards shaped cards and just a general pile of 'stuff' I think!

This picture isn't much better is it! You can see a couple of my tubs of flowers, one of my MS punches, peel off & just general bits & pieces- its quite embarrassing really. The mess has spread out over my bedroom where I've been trying to sort out, and I've spent the past couple of nights on the sofa because I have stuff on my bed and don't want to move it till its organized lol. Its difficult to get anything done craft wise during the day, as I have a demanding toddler plus I have been spending a lot of time helping a friend who is poorly at the moment, so I have found that I only have the energy to do a bit in the evening once everything else is done- wish I could make crafting my priority but I can't.

I've picked up some wonderful organisation tips from other blogs, including storing your unmounted stamps in cd cases and putting ribbon on a hanger to keep it neat- I will definately be doing both of those things.

I hope you enjoyed looking round my bombsite xx


  1. The hardest thing with having a sort out is keeping my mind on the job in hand as I always come across something I had forgotten I had and the "need " to play with it there and then is too great to resist!
    Diane 67

  2. I do LOVE a good bombsite Claire and yours certainly is a good one! If ya going to do it ... do it well ... that is what I say :0)

  3. if you think yours is a bombsite, then believe me it is not...wait until you have seen mine!
    how long will the asda storage last? Asda is good for cheap and very cheerful storage... you may be back sooner than you think to buy more
    you have some lovely things on your desk..happy crafting
    sue xx 88

  4. Looks like a very productive and creative space to me! Thanks for sharing - Sunshine Girl (28)

  5. Everyone seems to be sorting and re-arranging at the moment - and you're right the tips around here are great!

  6. Hi ya
    well done on your little spend, great service, lovely creative piccies,have great day, happy WOYWW, sue,x (2)

  7. Hi Claire! I'm a newbie here and this is the first time I've visited your blog and I just love the design (owls are soooo up my street!!)I find my mess (much to the dismay of my husband) tends to start on the table, spread to the floor then the sofa and so forth, he just doesn't seem to understand that moving it all can only make it worse!!!!!!!!!!

    WOYWW #78

  8. Thanks for the comments everyone- its not really organized chaos at the moment, just chaos! I did however manage to make a card on the corner of the desk hehe, will upload it later x

  9. Now there's a dedicated crafter if I ever saw one! Gives her bed over to crafting and sleeps on the sofa! Hope you get organised soon, if only for the sake of your back!

    Brenda #105

  10. I love your space! It looks busy and loved. You won't pick up much in the way of tidy tips at my place!!

  11. It only feels like a bombsite because it's not how you want it - but it will be soon! Glad you've found some storage inspiration from WOYWW - it is marvellous for all the free ideas!!

  12. I think there is def a bit of push back to craft going on there but thats ok....we only need a spare 6" square to make a card :-)
    A x

  13. I love having a good sort out, never starts that way though just when you reach the point wher you notice its looking better lol.
    Kate x

  14. It'll all come together Claire, you'll see! Those spotty tins are rather fab.... Glad you like the ribbon-hanger idea, I love mine. It uses up the space behind the door as well!

  15. iiih look at that desk, im so glad someone has one that looks just like mine lol,
    sandra xxx

  16. I had intended to stop by and visit anyone who left a comment, then it got me confused, so decided to go through the list instead (grin). I saw your latest post before I scrolled down to read this one. Pampered chef makes something with lots of little storage spots, and it rotates, but Pampered chef is also expensive. However, I got mine at a garage sale for around a dollar. That's a lot better than NEW. (#1)