Sunday, 3 October 2010

Hanging my head in shame....

at how long it is, not only since I've blogged, but how long since I've actually done any crafting. I don't have a single Christmas card made, not even half a one-how awful is that.

I've had a lot of personal difficulties to deal with the past couple of months- a painful breakup, moving yet again and the ever-challenging behavior of my little boy who has become more and more challenging lately. Add to that, I need to get a lock for my bedroom door as he has had a whale of a time on several occasions emptying my craft drawers all over the floor, ruining loads of papers, stamps, ink pads and pens- I just haven't had the heart for any of it. I don't have a lot of space and am on a serious budget so storage is a big problem, hence why it is so easy for him to get hold of things.

Anyway I digress. I have had a bit of a sort out today and have tidied up my (now much depleted) stash and am hoping to have a play later, when my son goes to bed. I did attempt a few things earlier, but unfortunately said child was not pacified with a blank card, some glue and die cuts- he wanted to look in drawers, boxes and just generally be annoying so I gave up!

I have had a look around some of your blogs and you have all been really busy with some wonderful creations. This is why I love blogs- you can get to see the creations of some very talented people.

I think I've waffled enough now- time to venture out of the cupboard I have locked myself in and deal with my little whirlwind.

Till next time xx

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  1. GOOD LUCK with finding the ideal solution to your problem - if you ever really do then you could probably market it and make a fortune! In the meantime, a lock sounds like the best option!