Wednesday, 13 October 2010

No WOYWW today.....

Well I finished sorting everything out, had it all organized as best I could. I sat at my desk and made some cards feeling very proud of myself.

I have a shelf above my desk that has been there for ages- I put my sprays, jars and cds on it. Yesterday evening I heard a huge crash, ran upstairs thinking my son had fallen out of bed, only to go in my bedroom and find that the shelf had fallen off the wall and my jars had smashed sending about 500 flowers and god knows how many pieces of card candy flying all over the bedroom!

So no WOYWW today as all I have done is pick everything up and put it on the desk......more sorting out to do now- will it ever end???

On a separate note, I found out yesterday that I am a candidate for a bone-anchored hearing aid. I've been deaf in one ear for as long as I can remember. As you can imagine its not particularly nice and causes big problems if I am somewhere with a lot of background noise so the chance of me being able to hear 'normally' makes me feel sooo excited! The op sounds pretty scary- when the consultant mentioned skull, bolt and drill in the same sentence I think I went a few shades lighter! Basically they drill a bolt into my skull behind my deaf ear which attaches to a small box on the side of my head which is the hearing aid and it picks up sounds from my good side and transfers them to the bad side. Now its just a waiting game for my appointment to be assessed....please let it come soon- I want to hear!!

Have a fab day everyone xx

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