Thursday, 8 July 2010

Sorry guys....

I haven't made a card in a week :(. Kinda lost my mojo for everything over the past week or so- I had godawful toothache at the weekend and some stresses with my ex and I just couldn't be bothered with anything. Add to that I've been feeling absolutely exhausted- its all I can do to collapse in a heap on the sofa once I put my son in bed. The only thing I'm fit for is playing with the remote control!

Today is the first day I feel human (ish) again. I have been checking out all your recent blog posts and the challenges and feel very inspired so fingers crossed I will be back with a vengeance in the next few days!

On a downer I am now minus a few Promarkers as my son thought it would be amusing to press on them as hard as he could and push the nibs right in. Thank goodness they are ones I don't use very often, but he was most definitely in the doghouse over that one! Keeping him away from my stash is a constant struggle, being 2 he loves anything shiny and interesting looking and he tries to sneak into my bedroom to look in the drawers/on my desk several times a day. Thing is he knows he's not supposed to touch mummy's stuff cos he'll come out and say 'sowwy mummy' holding his hands over his bum cheeks just in case i want to tap him on the bottom!

Kids eh, drive you crazy!!!


  1. Ooops! though I'm sure his "I'm sowwy" probably melts your heart fairly quickly.


  2. It most certainly does Kathy! Had to chase him out again earlier- he had hold of my pearls and was happily ripping them off the acetate and chucking them up in the air like confetti! Little so & so waits for me to go to the loo/start cooking dinner etc etc. He 'painted' himself with a brown inkpad last week because he wanted to be the same color as his cousin who is half-asian. Kids are strange creatures sometimes!