Friday, 9 July 2010

Card in a hurry

Well after spending all that time making a card for one of my friends last night, I completely forgot that it was another friends birthday today- cue huge panic at the thought of having to chuck a card together in 10 minutes! I didn't have time to stamp an color an image so I went in a completely different direction this time and used some Honey & Hugs decoupage & backing paper, along with silver mirri board and some card candy.

I didn't like it at first but its grown on me- and I managed to run all the way to town to catch the postman doing his lunchtime pickup so go me!! Hopefully she will like it- we haven't been friends very long so I'm not really sure what she's into but I figured that it was a simple enough card to be safe!

Hope everyone is having a lovely day- I need to get busy and clear out my Harry Potter cupboard as I have a freezer coming tomorrow that was donated to me from a very kind freecycler. My challenge diary is full of card ideas and I need to start thinking of a card to make for my (ex) sister-in-law who is celebrating her 30th at the end of the month. She's been there for me a lot recently so I want to make her something really special. She loves bright colors and is from Mauritius so am thinking something on a tropical/ summertime theme at the moment! I'm going to get her some Monsoon vouchers so I think I'll do her a card and a gift card holder that match, or maybe a goodie basket like I did for my ex's mum on her birthday- can you tell my brain is on overload?? Add to that I'm still job hunting like mad so I feel like I'm about to go pop very soon!

Catch you all later! xx

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