Saturday, 10 March 2012

Music Saves My Soul Saturday....

Woah how can it be Saturday already- this week has just flown!

No card today (been busy doing the dreaded housework and dealing with a problem friend) but I had 5 minutes to post a song..... WARNING: explicit lyrics (just letting ya know)

I know I know- from rock to rap- nobody can't say I don't have a wide taste in music!!

This is an oldie but a goodie- the video was shot on the estate I used to live on. I may live in Hertfordshire now but I'm a Hackney gal born & bred. Those of you who know me personally will know I moved here 3 years ago with my son to get away from an abusive relationship. To say that relocating was hard would be an understatement- I missed (and still do miss) my friends and moving from an inner London borough to a semi rural town was a real culture shock. I was used to being able to go out & get cigarettes at midnight if I wanted to, dirty kebabs at 2am etc etc- you're lucky if you can find a shop open past 10pm round here. Still, life changes and I have my gorgeous boy and a roof over our heads- I can't really complain can I.

For those of you who choose to watch the video- enjoy :)

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  1. Hi, followed you from Music saves my soul! Not heard this song before but i really enjoyed it lol!Sounds like you had a tough time-good on you for moving on!Like you say, life changes and as long as you've got your boy....
    Jo x
    I'm following you, hope that's OK!

  2. hey there, loving this - god Ihaven't listed to her in ages so thanks for bringing alittle dynamiteeeee back in my life .....have a great week and see you in the morningfor another song x