Sunday, 31 July 2011

A new technique!

I know I know, no posts for months then 2 come along at once! I just had to show this card because I'm so pleased with the results!

 I was just having a play around with some inks and thought ooooo I could make a scene using some old makeup I did! Don't get me wrong its not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but I've never tried anything like this before so I was really happy with the result for a first attempt! I went around the edge with a fineliner like I've seen Barbara Grey do on C&C- luckily the wiggle affect looks good as I can't draw a straight line.


  1. I'm sure Barbara would say that it's great for a first attempt. Will you be watching her lessons on C&C? No presenter or stock updates - should be good. I see in your side bar you also follow Fiddle Fart Blog. Helen's cards are amazing aren't they?

  2. Sadly my 3 year old has control of the tv on a Saturday but I'm recording it and will be watching tonight with a cuppa and some peace and quiet!

    Yes, Helen's designs are awesome- she's so creative.